Tanja Herko

Photographer in China
“The highest form of happiness is a life with some degree of madness.”
Erasmus from Rotterdam

Hi! I`m Tanja!

Photographer in China

Welcome to my Website

In case you want to hire me for a photo job, or you want to know more about me and my work, let me firstly introduce myself. In the following I will tell you, how I actually became a photographer in China.

While I studied translation for the languages ​​Chinese and Turkish also, I discovered my interest in photography. Randomly.

Nevertheless I finished University first. After that, I followed my passion without a doubt and so I went to Sydney and then to Shanghai. At this time I worked as a photo assistant for photographers from the fashion, product and wedding industries.

In 2012 I opened my own photo studio in Germany. For many years I worked in the fields of portrait, wedding and advertising photography. I also offered photography workshops. With orders from the “Hersfelder-, Hünstelder und Fuldaer Zeitung”, the area of ​​photojournalism was finally added. In the link below, you can check out my work from that time. www.herko-graphy.com

What is my specialty?

Travel and documentary photography

Of course I specialized in travel and documentary photography because traveling and adventure are my great passions.

So I went back to China because I was looking for photographer jobs. As a result one of these works got published in a well known german travel magazine: “Abenteuer & Reisen” (english: “Adventure & Travel”). https://light-travelers.com/abenteuer-und-reisen/

Photographer in China


In addition to this “People`s Daily Online” gave me the first chance to work as a photographer in China. From 2019 to 2020 I worked as an editor and photographer for People’s Daily Online in Beijing.

Freelance Photographer

Now I am my own Boss again

If you are looking for a photographer, don`t hesitate to contact me

In the meantime my biggest wish to work as a freelance photographer in China became true. I not only work as a photographer, but also as an author, videographer and editor. Because of my love for Shanghai, I have chosen this wonderful city to be my home.

My last Project

Was for BBC StoryWorks

Finally, I got the most important photo job of my entire. A photo reportage on behalf of BBC StoryWorks. That job brought me to Shaanxi Province and its exciting provincial capital Xi`an.







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Note: Especially in times like these, we must finally realize that prejudices against other cultures have a destructive effect on our society. We all have a responsibility to ensure that we can continue to live peacefully together on this planet in the future. Xenophobia and prejudice should not find a place in any society.