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Shaanxi Province and Xi`an

A 14 day photography tour in Shaanxi Province China

2020 was definitely not my favorite year for a while, but then I received unexpected news. And since then there has been light again at the end of the tunnel.

Nachricht von BBC StoryWorks

The news was from BBC StoryWorks. Whether I am interested in an order for a photo report. Destination: The Chinese province of Shaanxi and its capital Xi`an. And whether it was me, because since “Corona” had broken out in early 2020, I had not left Beijing. That’s why I was all the more excited about a new adventure. Only a few days after the commitment to BBC StoryWorks was sealed, the journey began.

In the following I would like to tell you more about the 14-day photo tour in the Chinese province of Shaanxi and its capital Xi’an.

But first of all, here are the links that lead to the website and to my photo work and texts for BBC StoryWorks:

Shaanxi Province

A cradle of Chinese culture

Shaanxi Province is located in the middle of the People’s Republic of China and is considered one of the most important cradles of Chinese civilization. Your provincial capital Xi`an is one of the cultural strongholds of China and famous worldwide for its “Terracotta Army”. A UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the mausoleum of the first emperor of China, Qin Shihuangdi.

Shaanxi Province and Xi`an
Terracotta warriors in “Hall 1” of the tomb of Qin Shihuangdi, first emperor of China. ©Tanja Herko
Shaanxi Province and Xian
Every Terracotta Warrior is worked out in every detail. No two are alike. ©Tanja Herko

You can find more information on the subject of “Terracotta Army” in this interesting documentary:

And here are my personal favorites of Shaanxi and Xian

  1. Xian 西安, Muslim Quater, Muslim Street
Shaanxi Province and Xian
©Tanja Herko
Shaanxi Province and Xian
©Tanja Herko

For more photographs please check out the following link:

Please note the following: all images on this website are mine and are subject to copyright. Image theft is a criminal offense and can be very expensive.

©Tanja Herko, photographer in China.

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