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Guangxi, officially the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, is an autonomous region in southern China on the border with Vietnam. It is very famous for its rivers, caves and steep karst formations. In this area, a real precious is hiding, called the:

Ban Gioc-Detian Waterfalls

Ban Gioc-Detian Waterfalls are a collection of waterfalls. They have two names and are located on the border of China and Vietnam. 

Detian-Waterfalls – that’s how they are called in the Chinese part. Ban Gioc (Thác Bản Giốc) – that’s how they are called in Vietnam.

As I am a professional travel photographer, I wish I had come a little earlier to the location. But no matter what time of the day you might arrive – this beautyful landscape certainly will be breathtaking.

Wooden steps will lead you down to the waterfalls. On that walk, Hibiscus, also called chinese roses, and palm lilies are giving a colourful contrast to the green jungle surroundings. This part of the planet definitely will leave a deep impression!

Once arrived the waterfalls, you can jump on one of the tourist boats. These boats will bring you to the waterfalls as close as possible. Dangerous? Not at all. As well you can buy already souvenirs, as there are salesmen, from Vietnam and also China, coming on their boats – to yours.

Tourists from China are not allowed to enter Vietnam without a visa for Vietnam and the other way around. But that was in 2019. Maybe it might have changed, when you will be on the road – so better get updated with current informations. 

China Vietnam Ban Gioc waterfalls
Amazing view to both sides – Vietnam (left) and China (right).

hibiscus chinese rose
Hibiscus, also called Chinese Roses, are decorating the way down to the waterfalls.

Ban-Gioc-Detian Waterfalls
Getting closer to the falls and experience their actual dimension.

 Ban-Gioc-Detian Waterfalls China/Vietnam Border.

saleswoman on boat
Saleswoman. Selling coffee from Vietnam.

Palm Lily Cordyline fruticosa
Palm Lilies are offering a colourful contrast to the green jungle.

Waterfalls in China Guangxi
Going for a walk next to the falls.

smoking fisherman
Smoking fisherman.

Detian Waterfalls
View out of a tourist-boat.

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